Broken Tile Repair Washingtonville NY

Cracked Tile Washingtonville NYWe were recently called into to repair a cracked tile in Washingtonville, NY. As you can see in the picture – the tile was cracked in 2 spots and was also cut in around a wall. This made the repair a little difficult. Due to the fact that the tile was very visible – it could be seen as soon as anyone walked in the door from the garage into the kitchen – the customer just couldn’t live with it anymore!




Cracked Tile Repair Washingtonville NY During After removing the molding we had to remove the grout form around the tile. This is done so that the surrounding tiles do not crack when we attempt to remove the broken tile. The cracked tile is then carefully removed from the floor piece by piece. In the case of this tile it seems like there was a high spot in the thinset under the tile. This high spot was ground down flat. The tile was then cut to fit around the wall and carefully slid in to place. It was glued to the floor then left to sit for 24 hours. We then returned to clean and seal the floor and re-grouted the broken tile. As you can see in the after picture below – the repair was almost perfect! Broken Tile Reapair Washingtonville NY After

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