Granite Counter Cleaning and Polishing

Have your expensive Granite counter tops lost their shine and luster? Do they look dull and streaky? Are the a disappointment now instead of the center piece of your kitchen?

Granite Counter Cleaning and Polishing

Granite Counter Cleaning and Polishing Is what You Need

Despite what you may have been led to believe – Granite is not totally maintenance free. It requires proper care and cleaning on a daily basis using the correct cleaning solutions. Windex is not made for Granite cleaning!

If your counters are not up to par we can help! We now offer granite counter cleaning and polishing. Just like our grout cleaning and restoration service – we use only the finest products on you expensive granite. We can return that amazing shine that you loved so much when it was brand new!

Granite Cleaning Products

We can also help you keeping them clean with our professional grade in home cleaning products for daily use.

Call us today and fall in love with your Granite again!

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