Grout Repair

Shower Stall Tile Repair Job in Monroe NY

Shower Tile Repair Monroe NY Before

This Loose Tile Repair in Monroe NY Came Just in Time!

This tile was loose due to water intrusion behind it. The cause was unknown. We first carefully removed the tile as there were no extras available in the event it broke. After removal – we still could not determine the cause of the water that made the tile come loose. The peeling paint above the tile gave us an indication that the shower glass door may have been the cause.

We re-set the tile and re-grouted it back into place. After that was set we proceeded to re-caulk the entire shower surround. This will insure that the shower no longer leaks. The initial call did come in because the ceiling below the shower was getting wet.

Shower Tile Repair Monroe NY AfterHere you can see the end results. In the event the grout does not dry closer to the original color we can return and re-color the grout to match making a perfect repair. We see this type of repair all the time as shower stall doors leak after a few years due to the hard water in the Monroe, NY area.

Shower Stall Seat Repair

Shower Stall Seat Repair

Shower Stall Seat Repair

This is a repair we did for a client that called to ask us if we could fix some loose tiles. It turns out that she had a much bigger issue. Where the vertical tiles met the seat there was a massive gap. Whoever built it tried to fill the gap with caulk.  The gap was way to large for that. Water was driving down behind the tiles. Luckily – she called us in time. The issue was that due to improper construction there was no way a standard bull-nose tile would fit. After much investigation- we were able to order a special tile from CA that fit the bill. The seat is now sealed up and ready for use again. Unfortunately we see this type of poor construction all the time.

Do You need Tile Repair?

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Shower Grout Repair

Shower Re-Grouting Can Save You Money.

Missing Grout In Shower

Shower grout can fail for many reasons. Improper initial installation or mixing of the grout can cause premature failure. harsh acid based cleaners can degrade grout over time. Tiles that are set too close together can cause grout to “pop out”. Time in general can cause gout to fail. It is vitally important to rectify this as soon as possible. Water that migrates behind the tiles and into the wall can cause mold to form. This is especially true in older homes where there is wallboard behind the tiles instead of proper backer board. In the case of the picture o the left, this small area of missing grout caused thousands of dollars in damage as it was left un-repaired.

Also – tiles will begin to loosen and possibly fall off the wall. A softened structure behind that wall needs to be replaced. This is often a costly repair as the tiles need to be removed and the backing replaced. Many times tiles will break during the removal process and if no extras are available a design change is in order. Many times we are forced to put a completely different color tile in as a border around the entire bottom of the shower or tub surround.

Grout Repair Is An Affordable Solution.

Having a shower re-grouted is not an easy or inexpensive option. It is however much more cost effective than tearing out a wall or an entire shower or tub surround. Many time missing grout that is left for a period of time will cause damage beyond the shower, leaking down into floors below or adjacent walls. In this case, what could have have been a repair that cost a few hundred dollars caused thousands of dollars in work. I have personally been involved in a job where a shower stall that had missing grout and improper caulking caused an entire bathroom floor replacement. A very expensive undertaking and the shower still had to be re-grouted! had they done that in the first place the floor would have been saved.

Loose Shower Tiles Also Cause Major Issues.

Missing grout can also cause loose tiles. This too allows water to migrate behind the wall. If you see or suspects loose tiles – call us so we can determine the cause. many times it is a simple repair that will stop major damage in the future.

Re-Grouting The Proper Way.

Many homeowners and handymen re-grout improperly. A skim coat of grout will simply pop off in a few months. Here at Grout 9-1-1 we are skilled in grout removal and replacement. We are also skilled in repair and replacement of tiles on shower walls. We have the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time! Call us today for a free assessment of your grout.


Importance of Re-Grouting

A Shower Repair That Didn’t Need To Happen!


This shower needed an almost total rebuild. Why? If you look at picture below you can see some small areas of missing grout near the soap dish.



Missing Grout

Grout Missing Near Soap Dish

Which then led to this

Missing Grout Causing Tile Failure

Missing Grout Causing Tile Failure

This could have easily been avoided had the homeowner called us in to do a simple re-grout. The reason this failed so badly is because the missing grout was in an area where water was bouncing off the body and hitting the area directly.  This grout had been missing for quite some time. This turned into a 3 day job and was fairly expensive. Re-grouting the shower would have been done in one day at 1/3 of the repair cost!

Missing Grout Causes Serious Problems!

Any time you as a homeowner see grout that is missing you should have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring in your home. Do not use caulk to repair this. Caulk looks bad and will mold after a while. Caulk can also prevent grout from sticking in the future. The same goes for the pre-mixed grouts sold at the big box stores. If you are handy or want to do a temporary repair – go out and buy some grout – mix it according to the instructions and use that. This way water will not get back behind the tiles causing them to fail.

This particular shower had sheetrock behind it that had to be replaced as it degraded and was moldy as well.

Shower Re Caulking

Here is a shower that was a potential disaster – the grout was missing and the shower pan weep holes were clogged: