Tile Repair

Broken Tile Repair Washingtonville NY

Cracked Tile Washingtonville NYWe were recently called into to repair a cracked tile in Washingtonville, NY. As you can see in the picture – the tile was cracked in 2 spots and was also cut in around a wall. This made the repair a little difficult. Due to the fact that the tile was very visible – it could be seen as soon as anyone walked in the door from the garage into the kitchen – the customer just couldn’t live with it anymore!




Cracked Tile Repair Washingtonville NY During After removing the molding we had to remove the grout form around the tile. This is done so that the surrounding tiles do not crack when we attempt to remove the broken tile. The cracked tile is then carefully removed from the floor piece by piece. In the case of this tile it seems like there was a high spot in the thinset under the tile. This high spot was ground down flat. The tile was then cut to fit around the wall and carefully slid in to place. It was glued to the floor then left to sit for 24 hours. We then returned to clean and seal the floor and re-grouted the broken tile. As you can see in the after picture below – the repair was almost perfect! Broken Tile Reapair Washingtonville NY After

Shower and Tub Re-Caulking

We are often times called in to examine a shower or tub surround that is leaking on the ceiling below. Most homeowners initially call in a plumber to check out the problem. If the pipes are found to be in good shape and not leaking many plumbers will give out our name to further investigate the problem.

Missing Caulk

Shower Re-caulking

Many times the culprit is missing or improperly installed caulk. This allows water to migrate behind the tub or shower and leak down below. A simple re-caulk will usually solve the issue. The process involves removing the original caulk and cleaning out the joints so that the new caulk can properly adhere to the tile and the tub.

As you can see by the picture on the left – caulk can also become moldy and unsightly as well. This becomes an aesthetic issue as well as a minor health issue due to the mold. Although this may still be doing its’ job, it should be replaced.

Sometimes moldy caulk can also be caused by improper drainage of a shower pan. Although this can be an easy fix – sometimes it can be a serious issue and can lead to greater damage down the road.

How Often Should I Caulk My Shower?

A great question! Any time that caulk has failed or is missing it should be addressed. Any time it appears moldy as well. Re-caulking is basically part of basic home interior maintenance. It is not the hardest ting to do but there is a bit of an art to making it look nice! Feel free to call us for all your re-caulking needs.


Tile Repair

We Fix Loose And Broken Tiles!

Loose floor tiles can quickly become a tripping hazard in high traffic areas. The will often times crack and will need to be replaced. This can be a problem if you don’t have any extra tiles – which is usually the case.

It is important to have these tiles repaired before this occurs. Many times we can repair these issues without even removing the tiles. Our injection system allows an adhesive to flow under the tile to re-bond it to the floor. We prefer this to removing the tile or tiles whenever possible. When removing tiles there always a chance of breaking one. we do however have a great success rate of removing tiles without breaking them – this comes form years of practice!

With our injection system we can actually leave the grout in place so the color will be the same. If we have to remove the grout to do the repair – we can color seal the entire floor to a uniform color.

What Causes Tiles To Become Loose?

Unfortunately – improper installation of the tiles initially is the cause we see in most cases. Improper sub-floor – not enough adhesive and just all around poor workmanship. The most common cause seems to be tiles installed over plywood. I have seen this an many “spec homes” as well as large developments where budget was more of an issue than quality. It seems like many of the bigger builders that were around during the housing boom did not even bother to hire tile contractors to install there tiles but rather used other trades – big mistake. many times we have been called in to fix loose or broken tiles in a development only to fond that most of the houses have the same issue.

Loose Shower Tiles

Loose shower tiles often have the same causes as loose floor tiles – improper installation. Usually we find this issue where the tiles have been installed over sheetrock instead of the proper backer material. The other main cause if loose and missing grout. You can read more at our re-grouting page. Water that gets behind wall tiles will very quickly cause the tiles to come loose – causing major mold issues in many cases. These issues should be addressed quickly to prevent further damage.

In many cases we can fix the loose tiles as well as the causes. There are times when the only answer is to rip out and repair the cause – as in installing a proper sub-floor.

Call us today and we will come out and take a look and give you a cost effective solution to your tile repair needs!