Importance of Re-Grouting

A Shower Repair That Didn’t Need To Happen!


This shower needed an almost total rebuild. Why? If you look at picture below you can see some small areas of missing grout near the soap dish.



Missing Grout

Grout Missing Near Soap Dish

Which then led to this

Missing Grout Causing Tile Failure

Missing Grout Causing Tile Failure

This could have easily been avoided had the homeowner called us in to do a simple re-grout. The reason this failed so badly is because the missing grout was in an area where water was bouncing off the body and hitting the area directly.  This grout had been missing for quite some time. This turned into a 3 day job and was fairly expensive. Re-grouting the shower would have been done in one day at 1/3 of the repair cost!

Missing Grout Causes Serious Problems!

Any time you as a homeowner see grout that is missing you should have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring in your home. Do not use caulk to repair this. Caulk looks bad and will mold after a while. Caulk can also prevent grout from sticking in the future. The same goes for the pre-mixed grouts sold at the big box stores. If you are handy or want to do a temporary repair – go out and buy some grout – mix it according to the instructions and use that. This way water will not get back behind the tiles causing them to fail.

This particular shower had sheetrock behind it that had to be replaced as it degraded and was moldy as well.

Shower Re Caulking

Here is a shower that was a potential disaster – the grout was missing and the shower pan weep holes were clogged:

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