Shower and Tub Re-Caulking

We are often times called in to examine a shower or tub surround that is leaking on the ceiling below. Most homeowners initially call in a plumber to check out the problem. If the pipes are found to be in good shape and not leaking many plumbers will give out our name to further investigate the problem.

Missing Caulk

Shower Re-caulking

Many times the culprit is missing or improperly installed caulk. This allows water to migrate behind the tub or shower and leak down below. A simple re-caulk will usually solve the issue. The process involves removing the original caulk and cleaning out the joints so that the new caulk can properly adhere to the tile and the tub.

As you can see by the picture on the left – caulk can also become moldy and unsightly as well. This becomes an aesthetic issue as well as a minor health issue due to the mold. Although this may still be doing its’ job, it should be replaced.

Sometimes moldy caulk can also be caused by improper drainage of a shower pan. Although this can be an easy fix – sometimes it can be a serious issue and can lead to greater damage down the road.

How Often Should I Caulk My Shower?

A great question! Any time that caulk has failed or is missing it should be addressed. Any time it appears moldy as well. Re-caulking is basically part of basic home interior maintenance. It is not the hardest ting to do but there is a bit of an art to making it look nice! Feel free to call us for all your re-caulking needs.


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