Shower Door Cleaning

Had Water Stain Removal From Shower Doors

shower door cleaningWe live in an area with hard water and it does reek havoc on our class doors and windows! Many of my customers have asked me if I can remove these hard water stains – especially from their shower doors. After doing a great job of re-grouting and re-caulking a shower the job often times is not quite up to par due to the poor appearance of the glass surrounding the shower. There is also the issue of soap scum on the doors – this is caused by soap sticking to the hard water deposits on the glass and tiles.

Are Hard Water Stain Permanent?

Up till now the answer was yes. After doing a ton of research and testing I have finally found a line of products that remove these nasty hard water stains! I have invested in a system and training that will allow me to remove these stains and restore shower doors back to their original look for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

The Hard Water Stain Removal System

This system consists of a fine – glass safe powder that “grinds” away at hard water stains and soap scum. It is safe for glass and especially safe for tempered glass found in shower surrounds. It also works on windows as well – so if you have some window glass that is less than perfect due to sprinklers hitting them we can now fix that issue.

Sealing Shower Glass

Should you seal your glass? There is a sealer available for shower doors, however, my research finds that unlike window glass Рthe sealer will not last on a shower door. The moisture and humidity will break it down in about 4 weeks. The best way to keep them clean and looking good Рwipe them dry or use a squeegee after every shower. Also Рrun the fan for about 20 minutes after exiting the shower to remove humidity.  Sealing exterior windows is however a worthwhile investment.


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