Shower Stall Tile Repair Job in Monroe NY

Shower Tile Repair Monroe NY Before

This Loose Tile Repair in Monroe NY Came Just in Time!

This tile was loose due to water intrusion behind it. The cause was unknown. We first carefully removed the tile as there were no extras available in the event it broke. After removal – we still could not determine the cause of the water that made the tile come loose. The peeling paint above the tile gave us an indication that the shower glass door may have been the cause.

We re-set the tile and re-grouted it back into place. After that was set we proceeded to re-caulk the entire shower surround. This will insure that the shower no longer leaks. The initial call did come in because the ceiling below the shower was getting wet.

Shower Tile Repair Monroe NY AfterHere you can see the end results. In the event the grout does not dry closer to the original color we can return and re-color the grout to match making a perfect repair. We see this type of repair all the time as shower stall doors leak after a few years due to the hard water in the Monroe, NY area.

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