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Slate Floors

Sealing Slate

Sealing Slate

Although slate is a fairly tough stone it does require proper care. Cleaning and sealing of slate is extremely important to preserve its look and natural beauty. Many types of slate are porous and can actually stain fairly easily. A cooking oil stain for example can be difficult to remove – requiring  a poultice to draw out the stain.

Special stone soaps are used to properly clean slate. While slate is a pretty tough stone – some can be acid sensitive. Although this is fairly uncommon – we always test just to make sure.

Sealing Slate Floors

Topical sealers are not recommended for slate. After time they tend to yellow and oxidize – causing the slate to lose its natural look. These topical coatings can be extremely difficult and costly to remove.

Here at GROUT 9-1-1 we prefer to use either am impregnating sealer or an enhancing sealer. Impregnating sealers do not change the appearance of the slate while sealing it against stains.  An enhancer will give the slate a deeper look as seen in the above picture.

The proper initial sealing followed by a proper maintenance program will ensure that your slate floor or counters stay looking good forever!

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