Stainless Steel Repair

Stainless Steel Scratch Repair

Stainless Steel RepairHave you stainless steel appliances become scratched – stained or damaged in any way? Not to worry – help is on the way!

In the past when an appliance was scratched it was basically “oh well – we will just have to live with it”. Not any more. Damage that has been caused by over zealous cleaning people or a husband that was “just trying to help” are very common problems. Many people that are using things like a ScothBrite pad to clean with move from the counter straight to the refrigerator – many times cleaning across the grain of the Stainless. This can cause unsightly scratches. We can return these items to alike new condition in many cases.

Stainless Steel Stain Removal

We can now remove scratches, scorches and stains that were once though impossible to remove. Have a scratched and dull looking stainless steel sink? Have it restored for a fraction of the cost of replacement. A scorch mark on your high end expensive grill? We can take care of that as well. Perhaps you are selling a house and the appliances aren’t up to par. We all know potential buys can be picky and look for any reason to knock down the price of a house. have us come in and take care of not only your tile and grout cleaning needs but all you appliances as well!

From a high end refrigerator door to a commercial elevator – GROUT 9-1-1 can make them look like new. Our patented method is safe – no harsh chemicals are used in the restoration procedure.

Stainless Steel Elevator Repair

Elevators take a beating! Between improper cleaning by poorly trained cleaning companies to general daily use they can get tons of damage Call us today and we can make them look like new again!

Call us today – we will ask the rite questions and let you know before hand if we can fix your issues. We service the entire New York and New Jersey area.

Scratched Sink Before
Scratched Sink Before

Scratched Sink After
Scratched Sink After


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